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Our shop will close between February and March 2017

Our company will by closing soon. We decided to leave it open for a bit longer than previously announced.

Please contact us if you have interest in picking up a lot of stock, we will sell remaining products in bulk at very low prices.

New Products

Nylon, PA-12, 750 g, 3 mm Natur / Natural
34,00 €
including VAT
excluding shipping

Basic Price:
0,31 € / m
In Stock

Nylon, PA-12, 750 g, 3 mm Natur / Natural

Nylon PA-12 is a very rigid material with very high breaking resistance. It extrudes at about 270°C, so it requires an all-metal-hotend that can handle the temperature. Does not work with ...

100k Thermistor with 1m Cable
0,99 €
including VAT
excluding shipping
In Stock

100k Thermistor with 1m Cable

This is a glass-encapsulated 100k NTC thermistor. It's directly compatible with Reprap machines.
The part number for this thermistor is B57560G104F.

It comes with a 1m long cable and a ...

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