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Reprapsource Opto Endstop

Revision 1

This PCB has been designed to be a flexible update to the Reprap Opto Endstop 2.1, supporting many kinds of optocouplers without cutting traces on the PCB. A screw-on terminal was added for easy assembly. The RJ45 jack was removed because of space and cost reasons. It has an optional 2,54mm header for easy integration on a stripboard.


Download Eagle files: rrs_opto_endstop_r1.tar.gz

Required parts

Part ID Part name Quantity
R1 10k Ohm Resistor 1
R2 220 Ohm Resistor 1
R3 1k Ohm Resistor for LED 1
LED1 3mm LED 1
X1 3 pin 5.08mm pitch screw terminal 1
  Opto Switch 1

Build it!

R1 - 10k Ohm

Color Code: brown - black - orange

You can insert the resistor in any direction.


R2 - 220 Ohm

Color Code: red - red - brown

You can insert the resistor in any direction.



Count the pins on your optocoupler and solder the corresponding jumper. Simply use solder to create a bridge.

(Note: We used lead-free solder. If you use solder containing lead, this bridge should look much smoother)


R3 - 1k Ohm

Color Code: brown - black - red

This is the resistor for the LED. You can insert the it in any direction.



Make sure to install the LED with the short leg to the wide open side on the silkscreen.



Insert the Optocoupler. If you have a digital 5-pin optocoupler, you can only insert it in one direction. On 4-pin optocouplers, check the markings on the top side. Insert it according to the picture.


X1 - 3-pin 5.08mm pitch screw terminal

Solder the screw terminal to the position shown on the picture.